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Name // 5 (Five)
Canon // 9
Mun // [personal profile] cerulesta
Game // [community profile] paradisa
Canon Point // Post-death.
Loss // All memories of the Scientist, including those concerning his own creation.

Personality //
Five is, perhaps above all else, a genuinely sweet and kind-hearted individual. He possesses a demure and nurturing personality that has remained steadfast within even the most dire of circumstances, and he typically thinks of others long before he would even pause to consider himself. Granted, this is because he does not appear to think of himself too highly; shy and timid, he is often given to relying on others for support in times of trial, and when push comes to shove he is quick to cower in the face of fear or aggression. He has a tendency to babble nervously to fill up the awkward, empty spaces in conversations, and generally worry is somewhat of a constant for him.

Despite this, he has formed a number of strong friendships with the other members of his group, undoubtedly due to his gentle, caring demeanor and willingness to go out of his way to aid others-- so long as he doesn't have to endanger himself too greatly, that is. His desire to be of help to those around him is a very genuine one, brought on by a need for acceptance, and his hesitation in the face of a threat is solely due to his paranoia and a constant fear for his life rather than a lack of kindness. That fear is admittedly justified when one takes into consideration the world in which Five originally resided... a shattered, post-apocalyptic wasteland in which organic life ceased to exist, in which the only things left were eight other dolls like him and a number of robotic beasts that were created purely to hunt them down and steal their souls.

Five has never possessed any luxuries to bring him happiness, and in lieu of them he treasures his companions above all else, steadfastly remaining by their sides and struggling to overcome his skittish tendencies. Without their company he is utterly lost, since it is from his friends that he draws his fortitude; he needs encouragement or else he remains submissive and meek, easily pushed around by anyone with a stronger will, reluctant to even consider standing up for himself. When he does encounter someone new, he is warm and trusting on instinct, going so far as to help a stranger of his own kind without a second thought; his naivete could potentially be manipulated in this sense, being that it is easy to earn his favor and manipulate him by merely putting on a cheerful and amicable facade.

Additionally, Five has never actively sought violence, using weaponry only to defend himself and to secure a placid, pleasant future, and would likely never take up arms against another person or support such behavior unless it was an absolute necessity and his life was on the line. He does, however, fear death greatly... and given the horrific manner in which he originally died, that fear has only increased upon his arrival in Paradisa, and the trauma of the event still haunts him. While he is not inherently afraid of humans, he will certainly cower in the face of any show of force they (or any other creature, really) might exert over him, something that goes double if he is ever confronted with any living robotic creations that remind him of the machines from his world.

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